Res publica – What an evening

Over 3,400 visitors from more than 23 nations gave the 92th Officers’ Ball in the festively decorated Hofburg in Vienna the honor. Different uniforms, colorful balloons and magnificent flower decorations made the 23 ballrooms shine in the year of the 300th birthday of emperors Maria Theresia.
In addition, the opening: music in motion in the form of a military tattoo, an almost acrobatic solo of a percussion group – both presented by the Gardemusik – as well as the song: “Klänge der Heimat”, sung by Miss Anna Rayn, took all visitors in wonderful ball mood.

With the opening ceremony “wo unsere Fahne weht” and the opening roll “Lieb und Lust” of the internationally composed young ladies and gentlemen’s committee, the starting shot took place in a lively ball night.

At midnight Her Majesty, Empress Franz Josef II., represented by Alfons Haider, went to the Festaal, and congratulate to 100th jubilee of the republic. With a musical ramble through all states of Austria with the Austrian Military Music Band and dancing and singing goups from everywhere from Austria.
The obligate audience squad rounded off this midnight contribution.

So you were visitors of the ball, we hope you could enjoy a wonderful ball night with lots of dance and one or the other exchange with friends, friends, comrades from home and abroad.

Photos and videos of this year’s ball can be found online at the Gelary, on and on our Flickr-page.

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After the motto “after the ball is in front of the ball”, the ball committee already starts with the preparations for Officers Ball 2019, which will take place on 18 January 2019 – we will keep you informed by newsletter.

Interested parties in lodges in the festive or ceremonial hall, please send a mail to info@ballderoffiziere by 15 May 2018 at the latest.