From now on you can reserve your tickets for the Officers’ Ball 2020

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Ticket prices:
VIP ticket
EUR 240,00 
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EUR 75,00
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EUR 85,00
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EUR 30,00
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from EUR 20,00
* Only in connection with a valid student ID and up to age 26


V.I.P. Service 2012

We are looking forward to putting together an unforgettable offer for 2020!

More information can be found here as soon as the first ideas are fixed.



Box reservation and tickets

every Wednesday from 4 pm to 6pm.

Graduate Association Alt-Neustadt
1010 Vienna, Schwarzenbergplatz 1,
phone: 01/715 05 70

or at any time by e-mail, fax or telephone (answering machine)


The Officers’ Ball in the “Hofburg”

For over 600 years, Hofburg Palace, located at the heart of Vienna, was not only the centre of the Habsburg Empire, but also the main residence of the Imperial family. The oldest sections of the building complex date back to the 13th century and were gradually expanded. The “Old Palace”, for example, served Field Marshall Radetzky (1766-1858) as a residence.

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